ArentFox Schiff Secures Win for Viken: Three Patents, Three IPRs & Three Decisions Finding All Challenged Claims Invalid

The ArentFox Schiff team led by Christopher S. Schultz and Jasjit S. Vidwan successfully invalidated all challenged claims of three patents asserted against our client Viken Detection Corp. in a lawsuit filed by American Science & Engineering, Inc. (AS&E) in the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

A Massachusetts business founded in 2013, Viken is a leader in developing x-ray detection equipment used to detect contraband at the border. Viken’s imaging solutions bring to bear what the US Customs & Border Protection has termed “game changing” technology in the fight against drug trafficking, terrorism, and other hazardous threats.

Viken challenged the validity of the three patents before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board in 2021 after being falsely accused of patent infringement by AS&E. In the past week, the Board issued three final written decisions finding all the challenged claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,400,701, 8,300,763, and 7,505,562 unpatentable.

“These rulings remove any doubt whether the United States can install the best tech to find fentanyl and other drugs before they poison and kill Americans,” said Viken CEO Jim Ryan about the successful outcome.

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