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Investigations & False Claims Act

We have extensive experience conducting internal investigations for contractors – and representing clients in investigations conducted by DOJ, Inspectors General, and Congress. These matters commonly involve allegations under the False Claims Act. Also, we assist with mandatory disclosures – and have a strong record of achieving favorable outcomes with IGs. Two former US Attorneys and several former AUSAs from our white collar group are available to participate with our Government Contracts Group in dealings with DOJ.

Our Work

Representative government investigations:

  • Abu Ghraib prison (alleged abuses by interrogators)
  • DOE Y-12 nuclear facility (security breach by nun and other protesters)
  • Other DOE nuclear facility (non-public allegations re: accounting/billing)
  • US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan (allegations re: security guards)
  • Other US Embassies (non-public allegations)
  • NSA programs (alleged labor mischarging; matters arising from Snowden disclosures and aftermath)
  • Contracting in Iraq (Senate investigation of uses of force; allegations of rebels among contractor work force)
  • Public transportation (allegations re: procurement practices, charging of costs, accounting, funding)
  • International education programs (allegations re: time charging, accounting, billing, conflicts of interest)
  • Construction clients (allegations re: accounting, billing, affiliation with small/disadvantaged businesses)
  • Helicopter sales (allegations re: corruption/bribery)
  • Ship building and repair (allegations re: charging of costs, accounting, billing, labor practices)
  • Healthcare services (allegations re: criminal conflict of interest)
  • Numerous investigations of other (allegations re: charging of costs, product substitution, product/service quality)

Representative internal investigations:

  • Many investigations re: costs/time charging, accounting practices, conflicts of interest, revolving door
  • Many investigations of practices under GSA schedule contracts: e.g., price reductions, industrial funding fee
  • Many investigations of compliance with contract requirements: e.g., contract labor categories; trafficking in persons

Key Contacts