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Government Contracts

Business processes are strikingly different when the Government is your customer or you receive Government grants. Our team provides all the specialized services to obtain, perform and keep Government contracts and grants – and to navigate successfully the statutes, regulations, investigations, audits and other procedures that are integral to doing business with the Government.

ArentFox Schiff is an industry leader in handling the toughest bet-the-company Government contracts and grants problems – yet we also stand out for our ability to handle day-to-day matters cost-effectively.

We know our clients’ businesses extremely well – and we work with them to develop tailored strategies. We then advocate, as necessary, within all Executive agencies, the courts, the contracts appeals boards, and Congress.

Our Work

By design, each team member has experience/expertise in all areas of government contracts practice. Today, this model is a rarity. In many firms, founders of government contracts practices possessed the full range of skills – but their successors each practice in only limited, sub-specialty areas and no one remains who possesses skills to provide strategic solutions that cut across sub-specialties. While each of our attorneys is known for strength in key government contracts sub-specialties, they also have developed the full range of government contracts tools. This breadth and depth has positioned our attorneys to be strategic leaders on the most difficult government contracts matters.

In addition to our leadership team (and the associates who work with them), our Government Contracts team includes a number of attorneys who specialize in such practice areas as white collar, employment, M&A, real estate, licensing, patents, complex litigation, and international trade – who are specialists regarding government contracting issues that arise in their practice areas, and work as part of our Government Contracts team to provide counsel and representation to government contractors in those areas.  

Our Industries

Computers & IT Services

Intelligence & Reconnaissance

Security & Emergency Services

Drones & Anti-Drone Technologies


Emerging Technologies

Medical/Laboratory Equipment

Communications/Data Systems

Aircraft, Missiles, Related Systems

Weapons Systems

Ship Building & Repair

Maritime – Vessels under Govt Contract

Financial Services

Securities/SEC Services

Health Care & Prescriptions

Base Operations Support (BOS)

Building Management

Real Estate – GSA Leases


Public Transit

Internet of Things

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