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Political Law

ArentFox Schiff counsels a diverse group of political committees, corporations, trade associations, ideological groups, high-net-worth individuals, and international clients on a broad array of election laws, ethics, campaign finance regulations, lobbying, and nonprofit tax compliance.

Political law has become one of the fastest-growing, most widely scrutinized and hotly contested areas of the law. Political committees and officeholders, foreign governments, and even their lawyers and lobbyists turn to ArentFox Schiff for guidance on how to comply with the financing and regulation of political speech.

But our clients are not just looking for compliance, they are also seeking how election laws can give them a competitive advantage in the political market place.

Our Team

Craig Engle is the founder of the ArentFox Schiff Political Law practice. Craig has over 35 years of experience advising clients involved in politics, issue advocacy, lobbying, international relations, litigation, and government operations. Craig is one of the most senior and well-recognized election lawyers in Washington and has personally supervised the banking and reporting of over $300 million in political contributions and expenditures and personally advised over 200 candidates and political committees.

Craig has been internationally recognized as one of the leaders in the field of election law for his innovative use of technology in modern campaigns and elections. The groups clients have included presidential candidates, famous entertainers, high net worth individuals, corporations, foreign and domestic nonprofit organizations, political consultants, and media companies.

What We Do

    Political Law

    • Federal and State Election Commission Compliance


    • Nonprofit organization and IRS compliance

    Government Conduct

    • House and Senate Ethics
    • Lobbying Disclosure Act
    • Personal Financial Disclosure for Conflicts of Interest
    • Foreign Agents Registration (FARA)
    • State and Local Lobbying Registration

    Communications & Technology

    • Federal Communications Commission 
    • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
    • Bureau of Consumer Protection

    Advertising & Promotions

    • Sweepstakes
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Contest Fundraising
    • Internet Activity

    Government Investigations & White Collar

    • White Collar Defense Litigation
    • Congressional Investigations

    Federal Advocacy

    • Testify before federal regulatory agencies


    • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 
    • Office of Foreign Assets Control 
    • Multinational Lobbying


    • Voting Rights
    • Contested Elections
    • Constitutional Litigation

    Our Work

    • Creating and managing Super PACs for corporations, individuals, and associations involved in elections
    • Establishing campaign committees for candidates for Congress
    • Working with members of Congress and Administration officials on compliance with election and ethics laws
    • Advising foreign governments, domestic and international corporations, lobbyists, and other lawyers and law firms on compliance with FARA and FCPA
    • Writing Supreme Court amicus briefs on matters involving the First Amendment, freedom of speech, and campaign finance regulations
    • Defending individuals, corporations, and groups in high profile investigations by the Department of Justice, the US Congress, the Federal Election Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, and other regulatory bodies
    • Working with media firms, social media companies, financial institutions, fundraisers, and start ups involved in the political process
    • Consulting on advertising strategies and frequent guest lecturer and author on a wide variety of election law topics

    Key Contacts