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ArentFox Schiff’s Automotive group is on the cutting edge of automotive technology, including autonomous vehicles, Internet sales platforms, and other innovations. Our representation of the major players in this space has brought the firm to the front lines of the incredible change taking place.

With the law lagging behind daily advancements in automotive technologies, innovators face numerous regulatory challenges, and we help clients navigate the patchwork of often conflicting state and federal regulations, allowing our clients to avoid regulatory setbacks as new business models are implemented.

We work with clients to develop technology platforms that comply with regulations in all fifty states, allowing for implementation and experimentation with new business models for online automotive sales, advertising, and autonomous vehicles. We appear before all federal and state government agencies with authority over the industry, including the Federal Trade Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the various state departments of transportation, motor vehicle boards, and commissions.