15 Minutes on Congress: Appropriations Edition

In the latest installment of 15 Minutes on Congress, ArentFox Schiff Government Relations partner and podcast host Dan Renberg and former Senate Appropriations Committee Staff Member Andrew Newton explore the intricacies of the appropriations process in the US Senate and House.  

They discuss aspects such as assembling appropriations bills, managing Member input, the efficacy of joint Member letters, and the significance of committee report language, as well as the importance of understanding these aspects for successful lobbying efforts.

Highlights of the conversation include:

  • Examining the types of information and input that Appropriations Committee staff focus on when balancing the needs of various stakeholders in the appropriations process.
  • What happens when full committee and subcommittee chairs disagree on an issue?
  • The value of committee report language as a substitute to binding bill language.
  • Valuing different types of Member input to the Committee.


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