Podcast: Using the USMCA to Enhance Your Company's Competitive Edge

In this installment of the Five Questions, Five Answers podcast, Director of North American Manufacturing Birgit Matthiesen explores the impact of the USMCA on the electric mobility sector with Antonio J. Rivera and James Kim.

Today's Five Questions:

  1. When it comes to the USMCA, what's new for the electric mobility world?
  2. How are batteries treated in the USMCA, what are the current regional content requirements, and how will they increase over the years?
  3. Is there an option B or C if the regional value content of a battery falls short of USMCA requirements?
  4. What is CBP looking for in terms of their USMCA enforcement strategy?
  5. Where is Washington on a reinstitution of Section 301 tariff exclusions and requests?


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