WorldSmart: Unraveling the Intersection of Sustainability, Technology, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

In the latest installment of WorldSmart, Hunter Carter is joined by Partner Malcolm McNeil and the CEO of FLOGEN Technologies, Dr. Florian Kongoli, to explore the intricate relationship between sustainability, technology, and the intersection of science, law, and medicine.

Dr. Kongoli discusses his company’s work in the chemistry and metal industries and his involvement in FLOGEN Stars Outreach, a nonprofit organization committed to increasing the visibility of scientists and engineers in society.

Highlights of the conversation include:

  • The definition of sustainability: environmental protection, economic growth, and social development.
  • The three main actors influencing sustainability: science/technology, government/management, and education/civil society.
  • FLOGEN Technologies' work on improving existing technologies and creating new sustainable solutions.
  • The crucial role of lawyers in developing legal frameworks for responsible technology use.

From November 27 - December 1, Hunter Carter and Malcolm McNeil will join SIPS' Carter International Symposium in Panama. Engage in round table discussions with high-level representatives, exploring pathways towards sustainability in various industries and disciplines. Learn more here.  


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