New Jersey Governor Orders Residents to Stay Home, Auto-Repair Allowed to Remain Open

On Saturday, March 21, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order No. 107, effective 9 PM that day. 

The order requires all New Jersey residents to stay at home unless they are (1) obtaining essential goods and services; (2) obtaining take-out food and beverages from restaurants; (3) seeking medical attention or other emergency government assistance; (4) visiting family members or people with whom the person has a close personal relationship; (5) reporting to an essential business job; or (6) outdoor activity for exercise while maintaining social distancing guidelines, along with some other minor exceptions. While out in public, all residents must maintain at least 6 feet of distance from each other. All other gatherings (such as parties and weddings) are prohibited. All non-essential businesses must close.
Essential retail businesses include grocery stores and gas stations, among others, and have been defined to include “Car dealerships, but only to provide auto maintenance and repair services, and auto mechanics.” Those businesses must abide by social distancing practices, including “all reasonable efforts to keep customers six feet apart and frequent use of sanitizing products on common surfaces.”
The Order leaves open the possibility that online car sales may be permissible; NJ CAR is seeking clarification from the NJ MVC on this issue. For the text of the order, click here.
For assistance in navigating this crisis, please don’t hesitate to contact New Jersey automotive attorney Mike McMahan at 212-484-3982.


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