Andrew Silfen Speaks With New York Institute of Credit About Bankruptcy During COVID-19

New York Managing Partner and Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring Leader Andrew Silfen recently spoke with the New York Insitute of Credit, participating in their Interview Series 2020, to discuss bankruptcy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with NYIC Executive Director, Harvey Gross.

This is the fifth installment of the NYIC Interview 2020 Series that has explored topics such as distressed mergers & acquisitions, the health care industry during the COVID-19 crisis, the banking and finance industry during the COVID-19 crisis, and A/R Management.

Andy is a longtime member of NYIC and has served in numerous leadership capacities, including as Trustee to the Executive Committee and Officer, as well as Chairman from 2017 to 2019. As a non-profit organization, NYIC has always attempted to bridge the gap between business theory and business practice. As a result, the faculty of NYIC consists of educators who are primarily credit executives or prestigious and articulate accountants or lawyers who are appreciative of the value of a close alliance of the professions. The synergetic education created out of that special relationship has been effective and acknowledged.

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