Arent Fox Partner Ross Charap Speaks to Wall Street Journal About Jazz Singer’s Contract Dispute

Arent Fox Copyright and Media & Entertainment partner Ross J. Charap was quoted by The Wall Street Journal in an article about a contract dispute between singer Rachael Price and record company ClaireVision Productions.

Mr. Charap represents Robert Cuillo, the principal owner of ClaireVision. The record company’s other principal is Tom Price, Ms. Price’s father. The crux of the dispute is that, although still under contract with ClaireVision, Ms. Price is performing with another recording group, Lake Street Dive. The band’s new album cannot be released until Ms. Price’s contract dispute with Mr. Cuillo is resolved. Mr. Charap negotiated and prepared the contract between Ms. Price and ClaireVision.

“A great deal of money was spent in producing records” for Ms. Price by Mr. Cuillo, said Mr. Charap. Ms. Price’s new group has garnered a great deal of attention from the press and music professionals, including the ubiquitous Kevin Bacon, but they cannot move forward freely until Mr. Charap and Ms. Price’s representatives resolve the outstanding dispute.

To read the Wall Street Journal article, click here.

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