Thinking Outside the Bauxite – Washington Investigates Imports of Aluminum Extrusion

In the latest installment of Five Questions, Five Answers, host Birgit Matthiesen is joined by International Trade & Investment Associate Jessica DiPietro for a deep dive into the complex world of aluminum extrusions.

These ubiquitous materials, found in a broad spectrum of manufactured goods and across a multitude of industries, are currently under the microscope of a sweeping trade investigation led by Washington, DC. The potential outcome? Hefty import tariffs that could soar into triple digits.

Birgit and Jessica offer a concise breakdown of the investigation, its potential triple-digit tariffs, and critical insights for company executives.

Highlights of the conversation include:

  • The pivotal role of aluminum extrusions in key industries, notably automotive and transportation.
  • The intricate process of the trade investigation on aluminum extrusions, encompassing the filing of petitions and the determination of dumping and subsidization.
  • The broad scope of the investigation, encompassing a variety of products and countries.
  • The importance for companies to be proactive, specifically in reviewing their supply chain and determining the sourcing country for aluminum extrusions.
  • The various engagement opportunities in the investigation, including the submission of comments and participation in the International Trade Commission's (ITC) proceedings.


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