A Candid Conversation About What the Divided U.S. Congress Means For You

In the last election, the American People chose a Republican-controlled House and Democrat-controlled Senate. What does the new divided U.S. Congress mean for your business? Your profession? Your community?

Please join former Senators Byron Dorgan and Doug Jones and former Congressman Phil English for a bipartisan discussion with the co-leaders of ArentFox Schiff’s Government Relations practice, Jon Bouker and Dan Renberg, and former Senate national security counsel Cissy Jackson, about what they think is likely to happen in this Congress. Firmwide Co-Managing Partner Cristina Carvalho will provide opening remarks.

Our in-house policy experts will share candid thoughts, rooted in personal experiences serving in the House and Senate, about what Congress will attempt to do on a range of critically important public policies including the FY2024 appropriations process, health care and drug policy, international trade, taxes, immigration, the Farm Bill, the federal debt limit and a possible government shutdown, and much more. Just three days before the unveiling of the President’s Budget Request, this will be an engaging conversation you won’t want to miss!


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    Date: Monday, March 6, 2023

    Time: 3:00-4:00 PM EST

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