Arent Fox Advises Restoring Integrity to the Oceans, Inc. on Public Policy

Arent Fox LLP is pleased to announce the firm is advising Restoring Integrity to the Oceans, Inc. (RIO), a company dedicated to eliminating harmful plastics from the world’s oceans.

“We passionately believe that we can live near and on the oceans of the world and conduct commerce on and derive sustenance from them, all while ensuring they remain clean, healthy, and a pristine habitat for all marine life,” said Kieran Kelly, CEO at RIO. “Clearly, the marine waste issue is a global problem, and through offices and partnerships around the world, we can have a global impact.”

RIO is working to free oceans of plastic waste through local projects that partner with communities. To that end, in partnership with Arent Fox, RIO aims to uncover solutions that address improving responsible plastic handling. This includes providing alternatives to plastic products when possible, stopping the flow of plastic waste into water systems through better recycling and waste management, and collecting material in waterways.

“We are excited to support the efforts of RIO to partner with environmental agencies and international water quality advocates to launch sustainable partnerships that remediate plastics pollution in our vital waters,” said Phil English, former US Congressman and co-chair of Arent Fox’s Government Relations Practice. “RIO has brought new technology solutions and innovative partnerships to remove plastic waste from oceans and riverine ecosystems, engaging local communities in collection, recycling, and reuse. RIO is on the cutting edge of protecting the world’s marine life, oceans, and rivers from the blight of decomposing macro and microplastics and permitting communities worldwide to reclaim their waters and livelihoods. Arent Fox is proud to have this significant opportunity to advocate for the environment and our values.”

The Arent Fox team providing public policy and government relations support to RIO includes Phil English, Oliver Spurgeon III,  Mariana Acuna,  Jeri Freirich,  Laura E. Doyle, and Daniel Sjostedt.

Arent Fox’s Government Relations practice is one of the most experienced, effective, and respected lobbying teams in the nation. That comprehensive service makes Arent Fox a go-to firm for clients facing their most important public policy issues.

About RIO

RIO was established with the primary goal of helping solve the plastic pollution waste in the waters of our world. Therefore RIO’s strategic objectives include ocean cleanup, river protection, recycling, and waste management, education, and emergency response. RIO believes that when planned, managed, and applied effectively, there is truly a circular cycle with positive economic, environmental, health, and safety results for the local, regional, and national communities.

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