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Business Compliance & Integrity Monitorships

Our team is battle-tested and regulator-approved. That’s because we take complex problems and provide simple, workable solutions.

Complexity is the Enemy of Compliance 

Rules to Live By

If your workforce can’t understand the rules that apply to your business and how they vary from country to country, you’re a sitting duck for the world’s enforcement agencies. And that can cost you money, time, productivity, and reputation.

ArentFox Schiff provides not only practical advice – but real-world solutions. Our team delivers compliance services for some of the world’s largest and most profitable companies.

How We Help

  • Gold standard compliance policies and global codes of conduct
  • Compliance risk assessments
  • Gap analysis of compliance policies and procedures
  • Live trainings on key global risk areas
  • Post-investigation remediation consulting
  • Board advisory services and parallel investigation

Trusted for Our Integrity 

The Gold Standard in Monitoring

The headlines are full of the names of great companies, financial institutions, and organizations settling with federal, state, and international enforcement agencies after agreeing to the appointment of an independent integrity monitor.

Time and time again, those agencies turn to us for trusted, independent integrity monitoring.

Who We’ve Helped This Year

  • The World Bank Group retained our team to carry out multiple compliance monitorships including a “Top Ten” FCPA matter.
  • The New York State Department of Financial Services, on behalf of the US Department of Justice, the Federal Reserve, the US Department of Treasury, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, named M. Scott Peeler as the integrity monitor for one of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Key Contacts