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Regulatory oversight of the emerging cannabis industry is ever-changing and often uncertain. It requires attorneys who are able to anticipate changes, spot issues early, and provide strategic and tailored guidance to help clients navigate the intricate web of regulations unique to this sector.

Our Work

ArentFox Schiff has a well-established, cross-disciplinary team of professionals who have counseled businesses across many disciplines, including FDA regulatory, intellectual property, corporate, and real estate, to name a few. We can provide clients with creative and precise solutions that respond to the increasingly sophisticated and complex needs of the cannabis industry.

We represent health care providers, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, foods and consumer products, agri-tech and biotech companies, and investors, among others. We have substantive experience advising clients on matters that affect this highly regulated industry such as environmental regulation; state licensing and registration; product labeling, advertising, and marketing regulations; corporate formation and business licensing; and corporate and commercial transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and financing deals. 

What We Do

  • Agriculture
  • Bankruptcy
  • Communications & Technology
  • Corporate
  • FDA
  • Government Relations
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor & Employment
  • Licensing
  • Privacy, Cybersecurity & Data Protection
  • Real Estate & Land Use

Disclaimer: Possessing, using, distributing and/or selling marijuana or marijuana-based products is illegal under federal law, regardless of any state law that may decriminalize such activity under certain circumstances. Although federal enforcement policy may at times defer to states’ laws and not enforce conflicting federal laws, interested businesses and individuals should be aware that compliance with state law in no way assures compliance with federal law, and there is a risk that conflicting federal laws may be enforced in the future. No legal advice we give is intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating federal law.