Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

“ESG” refers to the environmental, social, and governance requirements, industry standards, and stakeholder expectations affecting myriad businesses and nonprofit organizations. Although the concepts embedded in ESG are not necessarily new, many of the legal and reputational risks and opportunities are new, as is the focus on their application to specific industries and sectors.

Our Comprehensive ESG Services

Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping clients understand ESG and create actionable steps to address ESG risks and opportunities. We provide a wide range of services that can be tailored to each client’s unique needs and industry expectations.

Assessment and Priority Setting

We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your organization’s current ESG performance and identifying areas where improvements can be made. By setting priorities, we help you focus on the most critical ESG issues and develop a strategic roadmap for addressing them.

Leadership Advisory

Our experienced advisors work closely with your leadership team to ensure they fully understand the implications of ESG factors on your business. We provide guidance on how to minimize risk while effectively communicating your ESG strategy and progress to stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees.

Standards Benchmarking and Gap Analyses

We perform benchmarking analyses to compare your organization’s ESG performance against industry standards and best practices. This helps identify any gaps and areas where your organization can improve in order to stay competitive and maintain a positive reputation.

Compliance Policies Review and Implementation Support

Our team supports the review and implementation of compliance policies that address your organization’s unique ESG risks and opportunities. We ensure that these policies not only meet regulatory requirements but also align with best practices and stakeholder expectations.

Customized ESG Training

We provide tailored ESG training programs, both in-person and remote, designed to address your organization’s unique risks, needs, and industry expectations. Our training sessions empower employees to make informed decisions and contribute to your organization’s ESG goals.

Audit, Investigations, and Crisis Management

Our ESG professionals assist with audits and investigations, helping your organization maintain compliance and address any potential issues proactively. In the event of a crisis, we provide timely and effective crisis management support to minimize reputational damage and legal risks.

  • Oversee ESG Due Diligence in M&A
  • Provide guidance on meeting carbon reduction goals
  • Advise on Labor & Employment policies to further ESG goals

Corporate Social Responsibility and Business and Human Rights Compliance

The ArentFox Schiff CSR Group advises corporate clients, private equity and other asset managers, and trade associations across a significant number of industries, asset classes, and geographies. Some areas on which we advise include:

  • Risk assessments and implementation of a wide range of enacted, pending and proposed regulatory requirements, “soft law” instruments, and industry and NGO codes of conduct, standards, frameworks, and guidance, including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • Responsible trade and investment
  • Structuring and implementation of tailored compliance policies, procedures, programs, and codes of conduct
  • Anti-corruption counseling and special investigations
  • Human rights counseling and investigations
Mansfield Rule Certified Plus 2022-2023
Leadership Council on Legal Diversity Compass Award 2023

Committed to Inclusion

Mansfield Certified

AFS has achieved Mansfield Certification Plus for 2022-2023, reflecting the firm’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession. The certification recognizes the firm’s efforts to consider a broad talent pool, including historically underrepresented groups, for leadership roles and career advancement opportunities. The “Plus” designation indicates measured progress in increasing inclusivity in leadership.

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Compass Award Winning

AFS has been named a 2023 Compass Award winner and Top Performer by the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), showcasing the firm’s dedication to building a more inclusive legal profession. The Compass Award recognizes LCLD member organizations that participate in various programs and attend annual meetings, while Top Performers are the most active members with the highest level of engagement throughout the year.

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Diverse Practice Areas for Today’s Challenges

  • Agricultural Technology
  • Beverage & Food 
  • Complex Litigation
  • Consumer Products
  • Corporate & Securities
  • Customs and Import Compliance
  • Data Ethics
  • Food, Drug, Medical Device & Cosmetic 
  • Forced Labor
  • Government Enforcement & White Collar
  • Government Relations
  • Health Care
  • Labor and Employment
  • Prescription Drugs, Biologics & Diagnostics
  • Privacy, Cybersecurity & Data Protection
  • Public Finance
  • Technology

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