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Internal Investigations

The best time to solve a problem is before it begins. The ArentFox Schiff Internal Investigations team has decades of experience uncovering the most complicated situations corporations and individuals face today. No matter the issue – fraud, workplace misconduct, bribes, kickbacks, or other violations of state, federal and international laws – we help you know the facts and make the right decisions before events take control.

And if a government enforcement agency knocks on your door, our team will help you understand the facts so you can respond best to the situation. The toughest enforcement agencies trust and respect us because they see us in action every day.

Our team is second to none. Two United States Attorneys. A former State Department Official and Presidential Envoy. Scores of former prosecutors and talented people who have spent their professional lives solving the most complex investigations.

What We Do

  • Internal Investigations
  • Expertise in Electronic and Hard Document Review
  • Subpoena and Search Warrant Compliance
  • Negotiations with Global Enforcement Agencies
  • Defense of Corporations and Individuals

Key Contacts