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ArentFox Schiff has a highly-skilled team of litigators and regulatory advisors who help guide corporations, executives, and public officials through government investigations.

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Our Focus

We handle a broad scope of internal and external investigations relating to potential allegations of corporate misconduct and personal criminal liability involving securities law, banking, financial services, accounting and auditing services, government contracting and procurement, health care, export and import, environmental, tax, bankruptcy, computer and intellectual property fraud, antitrust, and all matters relating to kickbacks, bribery, corruption, and the False Claims Act.

We regularly represent clients in connection with criminal investigations initiated by United States Attorneys, district attorneys, the US Department of Justice, the Office of Inspector General, and state attorneys general. At the international level, we have built a world-class cross-border investigations practice that can help address global regulatory and enforcement concerns, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, and other cross-border laws. 

Our Services

  • Civil Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Cross-border Investigations

Our Work

ArentFox Schiff has a team of veteran lawyers including former federal and state prosecutors, regulators, government enforcement officials, and civil and criminal litigators, who can assist clients through all types of investigations.

How We Can Help

  • Respond to subpoenas, civil investigative demands, search warrants, outside audits, and grand jury proceedings
  • Negotiate the closure of government investigations at both the federal and state levels and with regulatory agencies
  • Represent corporate and individual interests in high-stakes government investigations and trials
  • Establish practical and effective compliance programs and risk mitigation strategies
  • Coordinate parallel criminal and civil investigations
  • Prepare disclosures to government agencies, including the Departments of Defense, State, Treasury, Justice, and Health and Human Services
  • Represent clients in SEC enforcement actions
  • Build, implement, and monitor “gold-standard” anti-corruption and other cross-border compliance programs
  • Conduct compliance risk assessments and global internal investigations
  • Provide multi-language and cross-cultural training sessions
  • Understand and keep up-to-date with complex customs and international trade regulations

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