15 Minutes on Congress: Appropriations Edition Part 2

In 15 Minutes on Congress: Appropriations Edition, Part 2, ArentFox Schiff Government Relations partner and podcast host Dan Renberg is joined by Bruce Evans, former Senate Appropriations Committee Minority Staff Director and Capitol Hill veteran with over three decades of experience, to discuss the complexities of the appropriations process in Congress and provide insight into the continuing resolution (CR) process that helps prevent a federal government “shutdown” and the process early in the budget cycle by which Congress makes Appropriations subcommittee allocations.

Highlights of the conversation include:

  • Avoiding a shutdown — the process involved in developing a CR, including the “front matter,” anomalies, and add-ons.​
  • Communication on a CR between the House and Senate and between Congress and the Executive Branch.
  • Factors influencing Appropriations subcommittee allocations: chairman's priorities, committee members' priorities, and minority party consultation. 


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