The Fashion Industry - A Practical Case Study for Understanding ESG, with a Focus on the Supply Chain

  • Date & Time
    February 28, 2024 4:45 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Location New York, NY
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Join Angela Santos as she leads a captivating panel for the International Bar Association, spotlighting prominent leaders in the Fashion & Retail industry. The panelists will deep dive into understanding ESG, with a targeted focus on the intricacies existing within the supply chain.

Using the fashion industry as a case study, this panel will discuss the practical application of ESG principles in business and its impact on supply chains, including with respect to human rights, trade, environmental matters, and governance issues.  Lawyers advising in any industry will benefit from this discussion led by industry leaders who must navigate ever-changing ESG requirements.

The conference will also highlight other topics, including: 

  1. View from the General Counsel’s office: GCs discuss how they address ESG-related challenges and how outside counsel can help
  2. Global ESG trends and hot takes – the Brussels effect, the backlash, the view from Africa and more
  3. ESG, politics, noise, and business – helping clients to focus on what is important and to ignore the rest
  4. Putting your money where your mouth is – investment management with purpose
  5. ESG and law firm sustainability: getting the proverbial house in order
  6. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) – how to help clients manage the “S” in ESG
  7. Due diligence and ESG – identifying new requirements and key risks for clients
  8. Chief Sustainability Officer| Chief Climate Officer | Chief ESG Officer: their roles, their challenges, how their departments are organized, and the hallmarks of effective leadership


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