HGPII Hosts Annual Best Practices Forum

On July 14, ArentFox Schiff hosted the HGPII Annual Best Practices Forum, one of the group purchasing sector’s premier training and leadership development conferences.

“Our Forum explored new challenges to best practices in the healthcare supply chain in the post-pandemic health system, with a particular emphasis on issues facing major medical suppliers," said HGPII National Coordinator Phil English. "With high demand and unpredictable logistics and cost factors, group purchasing organizations are adapting to a healthcare marketplace that is changing deeply and permanently. At a time when Americans are concerned about access to affordable health coverage, supply chain professionals and their partners are rising to the challenge of adapting ethics codes, compliance regimes, and contracting practices to their mission. GPO leaders participated in this forum to refine how they meet the needs of a dynamic modern health system by controlling costs, promoting quality, and encouraging innovation through world-class contracting.”
Every year the leaders of the foremost GPOs gather to share experiences, assess supply chain best practices, and learn about innovation in managing healthcare supply chains that promote cost savings and quality coverage. The forum is an opportunity for supply chain professionals to be on the cutting edge and take a leadership role in promoting transparency and ethical business culture.
“Group purchasing is an important feature of our healthcare system, reducing costs and empowering health systems to make informed decisions," said HGPII Co-Coordinator Byron Dorgan. "Our best practices conference intended to give HGPII members an opportunity to assess best practices and measure their progress in building an ethical culture in their own organization."


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