FCPA Prosecutions and the C-Suite

The Anti-Corruption Report recently covered a webinar on Arent Fox’s FCPA report entitled “C-Suite at Risk” presented by New York partner Scott Peeler, and co-authored by New York partners Robert Capers and Temitope Yusuf and New York associate Andrew Dykens.

The FCPA study examines every individual charged with a civil or criminal violation of the FCPA since 2005 and provides an in-depth analysis and detailed findings.

The Anti-Corruption Report gives an focused summary of the webinar, including key findings and takeaways. The article also touches upon a number of practical steps laid out in the study that companies can take to mitigate their anti-corruption risks.

To read the full article, click here. (subscription required)

To read the FCPA report, click here


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