ArentFox Schiff Publishes Premier Industry Guide to the Metaverse

The Metaverse stands to disrupt nearly every industry – fashion, media and entertainment, real estate, sports, the list goes on – presenting immense possibilities and potential risks. We have created the ArentFox Schiff Industry Guide to the Metaverse to answer questions and anticipate concerns about what the Metaverse will mean for impacted industries.

As the first major US law firm to buy a stake in the Metaverse, ArentFox Schiff recognizes that being go-to advisors on blockchain and digital assets means it’s important to be an early adopter of new technology trends. Fourteen of our industry teams have written primers on what businesses need to know today about the internet of tomorrow. 

Ready to Enter the Metaverse? Get the Guide

“ArentFox Schiff is opening an office in the Metaverse because that's where our clients are going. We understand that serving as go-to advisors on blockchain and digital asset business issues means playing a part in shaping this new frontier.”

Anthony V. Lupo


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