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ArentFox Schiff Industry Guide to the Metaverse

ArentFox Schiff was the first big US law firm to buy a stake in the Metaverse. Being go-to advisors on blockchain and digital assets means helping shape this new frontier. We can get you across the finish line.

The Metaverse stands to disrupt nearly every industry – fashion, sports, real estate, the list goes on – presenting immense possibilities and potential risks. ArentFox Schiff works alongside world-class brands in these sectors and knows the business as well as we know the law.

We created the ArentFox Schiff Industry Guide to the Metaverse to answer your questions and anticipate your concerns.

Industries Covered


Time For A Test Drive?

Beverage & Food

Transforming Marketing & Sales


Launching Digital Dispensaries

Energy & Cleantech

Ecosystem of Production & Consumption


The Next Frontier?


Financial Regs & Monetary Policy

Health Care

Greater Interactivity & Immersion


The Guest Experience Enhanced

Life Sciences

Drug Development

Nonprofits & Associations

An Interactive Pursuit of Mission


Key Considerations for Trade Associations

Real Estate

Why Digital Real Estate Matters


Risks to Know Before Investing

Senior Living

Improving Resident Care


Engaging Fans

Venture Capital

Considerations for Investors

Ready to Enter the Metaverse?

Ready to Enter the Metaverse?

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ArentFox Schiff is opening an office in the Metaverse because that's where our clients are going. We like to point to our tagline as 'Smart In Your World' – and now our clients' world includes the Metaverse.

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