The ArentFox Schiff Electric Mobility Team at the Battery Show 2023

The ArentFox Schiff’s Electric Mobility team was delighted to accept an invitation from the organizers of The Battery Show, billed as the largest advanced battery event in North America.

This year’s conference was in Novi, Michigan, a strategic suburb of Motor Town Michigan. The team’s Antonio Rivera was the featured speaker on a panel titled: “Winning the Global EV Race.”

The conference attracted thousands of corporate representatives and over 800 exhibitors involved in the electric vehicle battery industry.

In their latest podcast, host Birgit Matthiesen is joined by team members David Hamill, Antonio Rivera, and James Kim who share key takeaways from the conference. As David, the Electric Mobility group chair, noted, “winning the Global EV Race means first winning the US EV race!”

Whether you attended the Battery Show or were unable to make it, this podcast provides a “you were there” summary, complete with up-to-date insights from the EV team.


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