WorldSmart: How Businesses Can Mitigate Risk of Forced Labor in Their Supply Chains 

In the latest WorldSmart podcast, International Co-Chairs Hunter Carter and Malcolm McNeil sit down with Customs & Import Compliance Partner Angela Santos to discuss the global forced labor problem, how forced labor can impact company supply chains, steps that should be taken to mitigate forced labor import risks, as well as what to do if goods are detained at the border.

Highlights of the conversation include:

  • Forced Uyghur labor in China and forced labor across the world
  • Western countries’ response to forced labor in international supply chains and import prohibitions that can impact the ability of companies to fulfill contract obligations
  • How companies can mitigate the risk that forced labor was used in making their products
  • What companies can do if their goods are detained by Customs at the border

Additional Analysis

Forced Labor Resources
Companies should monitor government sites for forced labor updates.

Arent Fox Launches Forced Labor Team and Information Page
AF Helps Companies Assess Supply Chains and Take Action to Address Forced Labor Risks

US Signals Aggressive Approach on Forced Labor and New Risks for Companies
Senate passage of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, issuance of the updated Xinjiang Supply Chain Business Advisory, and other recent government action may indicate that all products produced in whole or part in XUAR may soon be banned.


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