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Your Gateway Counsel
ArentFox Schiff’s unique practice understands that the cross-border trade relationship between the US and Canada requires sophisticated counsel to meet emerging challenges.

We draw on a team of experienced attorneys and policy professionals who have extensive knowledge of business operations in the region and who work extensively with governments on both sides of the border, providing a wide range of legal services across a multitude of disciplines. 

Our Approach

Whether companies are Canada-based, US multinationals with operations in Canada or simply wishing to stay competitive in the US marketplace, our team offers the complete range of legal and regulatory services. In addition, we provide political outreach in Washington, DC and strategic counsel that ‘connect the dots’ – from US trade compliance to competitive import risk analysis and ever expanding “Buy America” constraints.

At the transactional level, we provide advice on transfer pricing, customs audits, and assistance to companies contemplating US production expansion or relocation. We particularly understand the needs of Canadian companies acting as “importers of record” for US import compliance purposes, and we frequently help companies navigate the rules of existing and pending trade agreements. 

Roots in the US, Influence Abroad

In addition to offering legal counsel, members of our firm providing policy insight include a former Canadian Embassy senior executive on trade and US market access issues, former members of Congress who chaired key trade committees on Capitol Hill, and former executive agency officials with experience in handling legislative and regulatory issues of importance to Canadian companies. We are equally pleased to maintain strong relationships with some of the best law firms in Canada.

Given the highly integrated nature of this cross-border business partnership, we have an established network of professional relationships and resources in both the United States and Canada to complement our advocacy work on behalf of our clients. 

Our Focus

Our multi-disciplinary team advises a range of clients from the manufacturing, retail, and technology industries.

International Compliance & Dispute Resolution

  • International arbitration
  • Multinational and domestic litigation
  • Compliance and strategy with US trade agreements

Regulatory & Government Affairs

  • International law
  • International trade and investment
  • Treaty compliance
  • Treaty interpretation and negotiation
  • Employment and cross border personnel movement
  • Energy

International Transactions

  • Real estate law
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Corporate tax policy

Intellectual Property

  • Patent portfolio management 
  • Trademark prosecution

Key Contacts