ArentFox Schiff Serves as Hokuriku Electric’s US Counsel for Their Investment in an Advanced Biocarbon Production Facility

Aymium, a leading producer of renewable biocarbon products, announced that it closed $210 million of financing to construct a biocarbon production facility in Williams, California.

The facility will support the first large-scale continuous use of advanced biocarbon to replace coal in power generation in the world. 

Use of the product from the Williams facility to replace coal will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 500,000 metric tons per year — equivalent to removing over 120,000 cars from the road annually. Construction of the facility is scheduled to be completed in 2025. ArentFox Schiff attorneys who assisted in this matter include Sarah Fitts, Jonathan Bagg, Steven Yoon, Peter Bulter, and Justin Goldberg.  

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