WorldSmart: The Impact of Export Control and Economic Sanctions on International Business

Aerial view of water and dock covered in shipping containers
In this WorldSmart podcast, International Trade & Investment Practice Leader Kay Georgi discusses the current and future issues of export controls and economic sanctions, with International Group Co-Chairs Hunter Carter and Malcolm McNeil.

Kay Georgi leads the Arent Fox International Trade group, She has more than 30 years’ experience advising clients on all aspects of international trade, export controls, sanctions, customs, ranked by Chambers as one of America’s leading international trade lawyers. Highlights of the conversation include:

  • The challenge of pivoting during COVID to new priorities such as international trade and restrictions in PPE, COVID export controls, and COVID testing
  • Counseling clients as they navigate compliance in an era of increasingly political sanctions and export controls, such as forced labor sanctions, Huawei sanctions, which impose costs and burdens on importers
  • The continued US-China trade war, with tariffs and sanctions seen as a bargaining tool
  • Implementation of the USMCA especially in the automotive sector, with tougher rules on country of origin and more compliance work needed by companies
  • Rollback of US sanctions related to the International Criminal Court and restrictions on the US WTO Appellate Body
  • Trade issues on the horizon like making new free trade agreements with countries like Ecuador


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