Sanum Patel

Sanum is an Associate and Registered Patent Agent in the Intellectual Property Group.
Sanum Patel - Associate, New York

Sanum is a registered patent agent and supports the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the chemical, medical device, and pharmaceutical areas. He also reviews licensing agreements, evaluates intellectual property portfolios, performs due diligence, and supports litigation matters in both the patent and trademark space.

Previous Work

Sanum worked at two labs while at UC Berkeley. In the Pines Lab, he managed legal and administrative work with the UC Berkeley Patent Office to prepare provisional applications for two new technologies related to NMR technology.

In the Somorjai Lab, Sanum assembled and disassembled electrochemical cells in a glovebox and coated materials with thin layers of platinum and titanium.


Contributor, “Three Ways the DTSA Uniquely Protects Biotech Trade Secrets in the United States”, Healthcare and Life Sciences News, Committee Update of the International Bar Association, Legal Practice Division, September 2019

Co-Author, “Wide dynamic range magnetic field cycler: Harnessing quantum control at low and high fieldsReview of Scientific Instruments, January 31, 2019  

Life Beyond the Law

Sanum’s interests include hair styling, finding superlative trees, adventuring and astronomy.