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False Claims Act & Civil Investigations

The toughest agencies trust and respect ArentFox Schiff because they see us in action every day. We know the rules and work with regulators and prosecutors to make sure our clients pursue every angle to secure the best result.

Companies in highly regulated industries — particularly in the health care and life sciences space — that receive, or even indirectly benefit from, government expenditures can face sprawling investigations and substantial liability under the False Claims Act. Since 1986, the Department of Justice has collected more than $72 billion in FCA recoveries, netting $2.2 billion in FY 2022 alone. Even a seemingly minor regulatory oversight can snowball into substantial exposure under the FCA's treble-damages and civil-penalties provisions, or even debarment. That is why companies turn to ArentFox Schiff.

The firm has become a destination for pharma and health care companies facing FCA and other civil investigations and litigation, including qui tam "whistleblower" suits, often involving alleged fraud of government health care programs. The team offers decades of experience in civil and criminal cases, handling everything from responses to subpoenas, civil investigative demands, and internal investigations, to jury, bench, and administrative trials in state and federal forums across the country. Our clients encompass all branches of the health care industry, including pharma, large hospitals, and medical suppliers.

Our Focus

The firm stands apart because of our integrated approach. We pair attorneys from our industry leading practices with our top litigators to create a formidable team. No matter the issue, we help you understand the facts and law and make decisions before events take control.

Beyond health care and pharma, the firm is adept in industries from construction and finance to the manufacturing and technology sectors. Whether it's responding to a whistleblower investigation or a lawsuit brought by the federal government, we have a deep bench of civil litigators who know how to mount a vigorous defense.

How We Help

  • Investigations and enforcement actions brought by US Attorneys and Main Justice
  • Internal Investigations
  • Pre- and Post-Litigation Compliance
  • Qui Tam Lawsuits
  • Subpoena and Civil Investigative Demand Responses
  • State Attorney General Actions

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