Biden’s First 100 Days: Policy Changes & Your Industry

United States Capitol Building
Arent Fox is monitoring policy changes by the Biden Administration to provide timely analysis on how they could impact your business.

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Shift in Political Power in Washington DC Sets Up Profound Changes to Federal Cannabis Laws

After a shift in political power in Congress and the White House, there are strong indications that the federal prohibition on cannabis in the United States will come to an end.

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Biden Administration Builds Opportunities for Construction Industry

The Biden Administration’s initial efforts include actions and goals designed to benefit the construction industry, either through Executive Orders or proposed legislative relief packages. Here is a summary of key announcements.

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Trump-Era CFPB Retrospective: Debunking the Myths and Looking Ahead to Biden

The Trump era of the last four years is regarded in the popular press as one of federal deregulation, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which will commemorate the eleventh anniversary of its founding later this year, was often viewed as no exception. But does that premise actually bear out for the CFPB?

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PPP Loan Recipients at Risk: Part Three

In the last episode, we talked about enforcement trends and how the DOJ has prioritized bringing violators to justice, seeking severe penalties. We know that PPP borrowers of any amount need to be ready if the government comes knocking. Today we’ll talk about HOW to prepare best, especially if you will be applying for loan forgiveness.

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Joe Biden: Not Just President but Super-Superintendent of Insurance?

In addition to dramatically changing the policies of former President Trump on the pandemic, the economy, immigration, and other key issues, the Biden Administration is likely to substantially increase the federal government’s oversight of the insurance industry in at least two ways.

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Arent Fox's Advance Look at Hot Button Trade Issues For 2021

Looking towards 2021 and a new Administration, Arent Fox's International Trade & Investment group has prepared a series of primers on six key areas that can impact your business: The Biden Transition, Special Tariffs, Customs, Trade Litigation, Export Controls, and Trade Policy.

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Despite Decrease in 2020 False Claims Act Recoveries, Investigations and Litigation Expected to Rise Under the Biden Administration

As previously detailed by Arent Fox, total False Claims Act (FCA) recoveries for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020 totaled $2.2 billion, the lowest since 2008. 

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What Can Employers Expect From the Biden Administration?

What Can Employers Expect From the Biden Administration? In brief: A sharp pivot toward employee- and union-friendly executive actions and legislation. Here’s what we mean.

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Re-Thinking Made in America Preferences: President Biden Signs 'Made in America' Executive Order

President Biden signed an executive order (order or EO) on January 25, 2021, to direct more spending of the federal government’s $600 billion procurement budget on American-made products, while rethinking the existing regulatory framework.

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‘Foreign Adversaries’ In Tech Supply Chain May Be Under the Microscope

The Information and Communications Technology and Services (ICTS) Rule, if implemented by the Biden Administration, would significantly impact companies that have an international nexus in a number of different sectors, including telecommunications service providers, internet and digital service providers, and data hosting or computing equipment manufacturers.

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What Should Pharma Companies Expect From the Biden Administration?

What should pharmaceutical manufacturers and other participants in the drug supply chain expect from new leadership? We’ve gazed into our crystal ball and offer five predictions.

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