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Fred Weber will present at the Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable’s (CPGR) Summer Symposium on August 21, 2024, in Denver, Colorado.
July 24, 2024
Join Lucas Rock as he speaks on a panel at the American Apparel & Footwear Association’s upcoming Traceability & Sustainability conference.
Discussion of administrative law usually doesn’t happen at the dinner table. But a series of recent US Supreme Court decisions may have changed this introducing talk of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) and the importance of ‘Chevron’ deference to normal people far outside the legal academy.
On June 28, the US Supreme Court overturned the Chevron doctrine — the legal principle that the judiciary should defer to a federal agency’s reasonable interpretation of an ambiguous statute.
One month after the Federal Circuit altered the obviousness standard for design patents in a much-anticipated en banc decision in LKQ Corporation v. GM Global Technology Operations LLC, an Arizona federal judge in Cozy Comfort vs. Top Brand held that the revised test did not warrant a new trial on an $18.4 million verdict issued under the “improperly rigid” obviousness standard replaced by LKQ.
Hyundai said it does not 'condone any intentional falsification of sales reporting data and [has] launched an immediate investigation.'
On June 20, Costco and Nice-Pak Products, Inc. were hit with a proposed class action in California federal court regarding Costco’s fragrance-free Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes.
Join James Kim as he speaks on a panel at EV Chargeup 2024 in Ontario, Canada.
Situations involving family dynamics, significant wealth, and fiduciary duties can be ripe for conflict. Disputes frequently arise among owners and managers of closely held businesses, family office constituencies, and other fiduciary-beneficiary relationships.
A group of Hyundai Motor dealers has sued the South Korean automobile giant in Chicago federal court for allegedly inflating sales numbers for electric vehicles.
The International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference is the leading conference for legal professionals worldwide to meet, share knowledge, build contacts, and develop business.
The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Final Rule banning noncompete covenants for workers is likely to present particular challenges for employers in the health care industry.
In the latest installment of Five Questions, Five Answers, host Birgit Matthiesen sits down with Thomas Boylan, regulatory director at Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA), to discuss the importance and benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), specifically electric school buses, for public health, climate, and economic advantages.
On July 3, the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas issued a decision and order enjoining the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from enforcing its final rule banning most noncompete agreements.
ArentFox Schiff is pleased to announce that Partner Debra Albin-Riley has been named among the “Top Women Lawyers” in California by Daily Journal, the state’s premier legal publication.
On the final day of its term, the US Supreme Court rejected the principle of “administrative finality,” an additional blow to federal agencies after the Court rejected “Chevron deference” the previous day.
ArentFox Schiff represented VHB, a national civil engineering firm, in two acquisitions, expanding VHB’s client service capabilities along the East Coast.
Governments are increasingly discussing climate change, including resilience to climate impacts and how to promote the energy transition.
Partner Emily Cowley Leongini was quoted in a recent Axios article on the Food and Drug Administration’s implementation of the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA), which established a July 1 deadline for companies to register their products and facilities with FDA.
Partner J. Michael Showalter was quoted on the US Supreme Court ruling that overturned the so-called Chevron deference, a 40-year-old doctrine giving federal agencies deference in interpreting laws.
On the second-to-last day of its term, the US Supreme Court issued its decisions in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo and Relentless, Inc. v. Dep’t of Commerce.
On April 23, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted 3-2 to publish a final rule with sweeping effect, purporting to bar prospectively and invalidate retroactively most employee noncompete agreements.
Nike and Japanese fashion brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE) have settled a trademark infringement lawsuit over BAPE’s alleged on-again, off-again infringement of some of Nike’s most iconic sneaker designs. The settlement requires BAPE to discontinue some of its sneakers and redesign others.
June 28, 2024
ArentFox Schiff Partners Emily Leongini, Justin Goldberg, and moderator David Grosso discuss the potential implications of the DEA’s rescheduling proposal on cannabis companies around the country.